Coming soon: New features on Foodzy

Since we publicly launched Foodzy last week, we have received an incredible amount of positive feedback and feature requests from our new users, which gets us even more excited about all of Foodzy’s future possibilities. We thought it would be only fair that in return we share a few of the next steps on our roadmap of future development with you guys:

Mobile Apps
Our mobile apps for iPhone and Android are in their final stages of development and will launch within the next few weeks. We believe the apps will thoroughly improve your daily usage of Foodzy making it much easier to keep up the good work everywhere you go (and eat).

Improved Product Search
Foodzy works with local databases in every country, making it easier for you to browse through products that are available in your local supermarket. Every user can add new products, making Foodzy bigger and better. In order to improve findability of the most common products or your personal favorites, we are currently working on improving the search algorithm for food. This way, the products you eat most will always be on top of your search results.

Add complete meals at once
Want to add all of your home cooking to Foodzy? Later this summer we’ll be introducing the ‘Recipes’ feature on Foodzy, making it easier for you to bundle a certain group of products as a recipe or a regular meal-combo like breakfast or lunch. Your very own ‘Homemade Spaghetti’ will pop up in your search results on the check in page, making it easier for you to add the entire dish all at once or share the recipe with your diner partners or friends online.

Connecting to the Health Graph
Many of our first Foodzy users contacted us about possibilities to connect our service to hardware devices like Runkeeper, FitBit, the WiThings scale or other health- and food related software and apps. We too believe these connections are one of the most exciting opportunities for Foodzy in the near future. While doing continuous R&D on all of the possibilities, we have now started working on connecting Foodzy to the Health Graph, Runkeepers initiative for a connected health network.

Just a few appetisers to assure you Foodzy is still far from done as far as we’re concerned! Still, we would love to continue hearing your thoughts on using and improving the product, so please keep sending us your feature requests via either TwitterFacebook or our Help Center.

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